Tender Competition

Tender Competition ICEE 2022 is a competition where undergraduate and diploma students are chalenged to make a bi from given project while actualizing it in tender document with optimum cost and proper construction method.

Our Theme

"Utilization of Modular Construction as Design Alternative to Achieve Sustainable Construction."


Phases Of Competition

Tender Competition is divided into two rounds, the elimination round and the final round.


Early Bird (18 September-3 October 2021) : Rp 285.000,-/ team

Reguler (4 October- 5 November): Rp 315.000,-/team

Case Launch

6 November 2021

Aanwijzing (Questions Assembly)

7 November 2021 - 8 November 2021

Aanwijzing (Answers to Questions Asked)

11 November 2021

Tender Document Submission

11 December 2021

Participants are expected to calculate and provide their best bid regarding the project, while also explaining the construction method in the form of tender documents. Each team then submits their proposed bid through Google Classroom before the deadline.

Finalist Announcement

6 January 2021

Five teams with the highest accumulated scores will qualify for the final round. Finalists will be announced via email and ICEE's Instagram account @iceeitb.

Coaching Session

To be announced

The Coaching Session is held exclusively for teams who have made it to the final stage.

Technical Meeting

22 January 2022

The technical meeting is mandatory for finalists (each team must at least send 1 representative). The meeting will be a general briefing and overview regarding the final round mechanism.

Final Presentation

26 January 2022

In the final round, each team will present their proposed bid and innovation in construction method. Each team also do the Q&A session with the judges. The board of judges will then conduct an assessment before deciding the winners of ICEE 2022 Tender Competition.

Winner Announcement

30 January 2022

Case Collaborator

PT Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung Tbk (WEGE) is one of the subsidiaries of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk which primarily focuses on building construction. Since 2008, WEGE has been prioritizing consistency and innovation in the construction and concession field. As part of their latest innovation, WEGE has introduced and implemented a modular construction system as a sign of commitment to create a better living solution. Modular by WEGE unfolds significant value for every space purposes e.g ; housing estate, commercial space, office, hospital, etc. Modular offers more precise quality, time efficient, flexible and comfortable design, safety, and environmentally-friendly construction solutions.

We are excited and proud to announce PT Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung Tbk (WEGE) as our case collaborator in the ICEE 2022 Tender Competition. The competition case will be provided by the company. The case will be designed to be solved by diploma and undergraduate students (S1) in a certain amount of time.

Grand Prize

*including medal and certificate


The early bird registration is open from 18 September - 3 Oktober 2021 with a fee of Rp285.000/team. Meanwhile, the regular registration will be open from 4 - 29 Oktober 2021 with a fee of Rp315.000/team

Yes, participants from any university major are very welcome to join the Tender Competition

Yes you can! We strongly advise you to join other ICEE’s competitions to experience the excitement of the tournament. But please keep in mind, there are possibilities of timelines clashing.

The entire Civil Engineering Case Competition will be in Bahasa

Yes you can submit your Kartu Rencana Studi as an alternative or other evidence that can show that you are still an active student until the specified time that the committee decided.

You can contact us right away and we’ll fix it for you!

Don’t worry! You can contact us right away and we’ll send you the confirmation as soon as possible.

We will offer coaching sessions exclusively to the top 5 finalist teams.

All stages of every event of ICEE 2022 will be held online. Therefore, the presentation will also be conducted through a video conference platform.

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