National Seminar

The National Seminar, which is the peak agenda of the whole ITB Civil Engineering Expo series, is an event that will raise discussions about the development of digital transformation in the construction industry and its impact on achieving Indonesia’s sustainable infrastructure.

Our Theme

"Optimizing Sustainable Construction Through Digital Transformation"

In recent decades, the construction sector has taken initiatives to become more circular and sustainable, one of which is by utilizing the digital transformation of construction. Digital platforms support collaboration and information exchange and in the end allow us to integrate sustainable practices into our decision-making.

Therefore, the National Seminar will bring you various parties including policymakers, practitioners, and academics to give you insights on how the connection between sustainability goals and innovative digital design and construction technologies will bring sustainability successes across the construction industry.

Seminar Topic

Digital Transformation for Sustainable Construction Outlook

Discussing the real conditions of Indonesia's digitalization transformation for sustainable construction on a national scale today. The real conditions of developed countries will also be discussed as a reference for advancing digitization in Indonesia.

Ways to Reach Digital Transformation for Sustainable Construction

Discussing the steps in dealing with infrastructure development in Indonesia to achieve construction digitization that supports sustainable development.

Identifying and Overcoming The Barriers of Digital Transformation for Sustainable Construction

Identifying and overcoming the barriers of using digitalization in order to support sustainable construction, while also discussing various advantages and disadvantages of the adaptation at the project level.

Digital Transformation for Sustainable Construction Outcome

Discussing the results that will be obtained after utilizing digital transformation of construction in Indonesia, especially in the aspect of sustainable development.





ICEE 2022 will be conducted fully online, including the national seminar. We will be using a video conference platform.

Yes. The registration fee is Rp 25.000,- per person. However, we also offer you several discounts and bundling packages. If you register with another person, there is a bundling package of Rp 40.000 for 2 people and Rp 50.000 for 3 people. So, don’t forget to invite your friends to also join the national seminar!

Yes, there is! In fact, we also offer you a limited free ticket for the national seminar. To get the free ticket, you will need to upload our posters and twibbon on your Instagram.

Each participant will get access to all sessions of the national seminar, including e-certificate, summary books of the seminar session’s material, and also a chance to win door prizes. You will get the summary book before the national seminar to help you understand more about the seminar’s topic before joining the sessions.

Yes, participants who attend the national seminar until the end of sessions will get a certificate after answering their feedback at the end of the national seminar. So, make sure you follow all the sessions to get a certificate.

Detailed information about the national seminar platform will be delivered via registered email.

Applicants who have registered via the website will receive a confirmation email. If there are problems, please contact the contact person.

Registered participants can directly participate in all sessions of the national seminar. It will be very beneficial for you if you can join all the sessions.

We suggest attending all sessions in order to obtain all the material presented by the speakers for a better experience in the national seminar.

Contact Person

Dhea Jaen

Difa Salmadhia

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